Friday, 20 April 2012

my favourite food :)

okayy,,friends!...assalamualaikum w.b.t and hello to all!~;)
today,,,i want to talk about my favourite food!~waaa~~sounds yummy right??...hehe:p
hmmm....actually, i have a lots,,,but for this entry,, i would tell you some of them..

1st & 2nd,,
of course they are YOGURT & CADBURY....hehe..
just look at my blog title.."yogurt + cadbury"

this is yogurt;

and this is cadbury;

wahhh!~i'm really craving for it right now....nyummm3...;)

I also love to eat fruit cocktail very much because it is made  up of fruits; and I'm a fruits lover!*_*

....Next,,i love 'nasi dagang' very much ...okay then, let me tell you some introduction about it..Nasi Dagang literally means 'Trading Rice. It is a well-known breakfast food in the states on the East Cost of Peninsular Malaysia. My favourite is Nasi Dagang Terengganu:)...and here i will show you one of its recipes..enjoy it!=)

For ~ RICE ** ** 
4 cups + 1 cup regular rice glutinous rice 
1/2 can of coconut milk 
salt and sugar 
1 tablespoon fenugreek 
garlic and ginger (slice thinly ​​) 
~ ** For tuna curry ** 
1 can coconut milk 
1 large onion * 
3 cloves garlic * 
2 cm ginger * 
4 cm ginger * 
(* In the blend) 
15-20 dried chillies 
2-3 tablespoons of curry spices (any type) 
6 pieces of dried tamarind 
salt and a pinch of Ajinomoto 
5-6 chilli padi 
A tuna fish 
1 cm belacan 
~ ** ** To Relish 
2 sticks of cucumber 
1 stick of carrot 
1/2 large onion 
1 large pepper 
vinegar, salt, sugar 
How to make: 
Rice, washed and soaked in 1 night. Boil some water. Wait until the water boils. Stir in the rice steamer and steam until the steam rise. Allow some time for 5-10 minutes. Lift and move into a larger container. Add water or coconut milk until the rice is fluffy and add salt to taste.Steamed a second time. Add the rice into the steamer and steam until the rising steam. Let the moment. After that, lift and move the dip container. Add the sugar and coconut milk mixed with a little water. Finally add fenugreek, garlic and ginger. 
Curry tuna: 
Steamed fish with tamarind and a little water to cook with fire softly. Add the coconut milk into a separate pot. Coconut milk should be mixed first with 1 liter of water. Cook the coconut milk simmer slowly for 30-40 minutes i. Stir occasionally so that the milk is not lumpy. then enter the ingredients I blend into the milk. Blend the dry chillies and fry with oil in a wok. When the relatively cool, add spices. Saute until the rose oil, add shrimp paste (do not fry the spice pound, if not, it's okay; depends on your taste. BHN stir into milk. Add sugar, salt, Ajinomoto and tamarind.Wait until it boils and then sign up oil poached tuna. Tuna stock is also included. Enter chillies. 

Yeayy!~;))...Now,,why don't you try! and..don't forget to give it to me too!hehe:p...Wahh, it is very delicious..ummm,,I've longed for it...

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