Wednesday, 18 April 2012

today's event: SPORTS

guess what??
Our beloved college had organized a sport's day which was held at Seri Puteri High School.
AND what is more pathetic was it was compulsary to all KIC'S students.
why i say that?? :'(.......because i am not so good in sports...hehe:p....
huhuhu...It was such a long time we didn't take part in event like this
the last one was when i was 17
we had to take part in 4 activities at the same time which were 100 m, 400 m, broad jump, & also shot put
hmmm...i didn't want to tell more because too many sadness i've faced today...
BUT what is the MOST IMPORTANT was our class, A4 Shelley enjoyed this day very much...
we all rock the day!...hehe..:)

my craziest classmates on that day but i still love you shellians!!!:)...hoho:p

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