Tuesday, 8 May 2012

the story of us.....

assalamualaikum and hye to pn.marjan and all!:)

hmm,,what is lingering in your mind when you see phrase "the story of us"??
well~it's not really like 'the story of us' by taylor swift..huhu
okay...let me tell you more...for this special entry, i want to tell you about 2 of my new friends,,
ok,,then??what's so special about them?...erm,,actually, both of them are my social networking's friends..
when i say that, it means; we never know and meet each other before...one girl and one boy:)...

=) for the first one, i called her dibah...she is the same age with me and also very kind...i'm glad to be friends with her
although we never know each other,, our conversations seem like we've known for a long time..

and what makes me overwhelmed was,,the thing below;

she posts this picture at my facebook's timeline.....*thank you very much,friend =)*

hmm,,okay,,the other one is johnny; from canada, vancouver..
as far as we interact, he is very kind and he also speaks politely..
greatly,,he can understand some of malay words...huhu..
be friends with him making me to 'google' his hometown..
look at these pictures i've found...such a beautiful country,,right??wahh...i hope i can be there one day...

vancouver reflection

Vancouver Canada

that's all for today..hehe..i really hope to go there...i love travelling very much, i can't make it for this time being because i can't afford it..huhu
i didn't put their pictures to respect them..;)

;)....hope our friendship will last long....;)

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


I want to ride this!


this is one type of limo; bmw limousine
I really want to sit in limo and I always dream for it eventhough i know it is impossible..
I also dream that one day i have a kind driver that can take me everywhere i want...hihi;p
i love travelling very much if ever i have lots of money...hmmm...
i want the driver to drive me all over the beautiful places with my parents and siblings...

some pictures of limousine interior...

wahhhh!!!really elegant!! plizzzz....i've longed for it
can someone make my dream comes true??:'(.....